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How to always have a clean car

You know those people: they always have clean homes and clean cars, in spite of busy lives, fulfilling careers, and small children to chase after. How do they do it? It’s all about developing systems and small, regular habits! Which is deceptively simple, we understand — especially when you’re using your vehicle to rush around [...]

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How to get your boat ready for summer

The spring warm-up is starting and we all know what that means: boat season is just around the corner! It’s time to get yourself and your boat out of hibernation-mode, and into spring cleaning mode. Here’s how to do it: Check your fuel systems Prime your fuel system before turning on your engine Check external [...]

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How to ensure your car is ready for spring

Between the salt, sand and extreme temperatures, winter is harsh on our vehicles. On the horizon are the warmer, moisture laden days of spring. We have a few tips on how you can prepare your car for spring. Replace windshield wipers They’ve worked hard all winter to remove precipitation and debris from your windshield, [...]

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How to clean leather car seats

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a car with leather seats instead of cloth: they can reduce allergens, it’s more luxurious, it’s stain-resistant, and it holds up to resale value. It also comes with a bit of upkeep, to keep your seats looking and feeling their best. Read on for our tips for [...]

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How to Prep Your Car for Winter

The temperatures are dropping, and you’re not the only one who needs protecting from the winter elements — our cars deal with a lot when the weather gets rough. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to prep your car for winter and ensure the paint, the wheels, and the glass are protected [...]

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Preventing Food Spills From Happening in Your Car

It’s fall in Kansas City, and ‘tis the season for tailgates, chili cookoffs, family potlucks, school parties — and that unfortunate reality of transporting all that food: spills in your car, which lead to funky smells. Even if you’re not taking each turn like Dale Earnhart Jr., food spillage can seem inevitable. But it [...]

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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

Maintaining a clean car interior is a struggle in itself — from kids and work, to the crazy amount of time spent in our vehicles these days, WE GET IT! So as pros, we want to give you some simple tips to help. We will go over the most important areas to clean, what [...]

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Have kids? It’s still important to detail and maintain your car

Don’t feel bad if your car’s seats are more Cheerio dust and juice crust than leather these days. Kids, love them as we do, are messy by nature — and it’s simply inevitable that they wreck our once-pristine cars. And just like your home that gets dirty again 15 minutes after you clean it, it [...]

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