5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Car’s Interior Clean

Maintaining a clean car interior is a struggle in itself — from kids and work, to the crazy amount of time spent in our vehicles these days, WE GET IT! So as pros, we want to give you some simple tips to help. We will go over the most important areas to clean, what products are best suited for the job, and a few other topics to keep your vehicle looking fresh.

Establish Rules

Rules? Yep! Thats right folks, much like your home, your car should have rules too. We’re not saying you have to make passengers take their shoes off, but having no food, no snacks, and a water only rule will make a massive impact on the cleanliness of your vehicle.

Trash Bag

This might be the easiest tip of all. We’re all guilty of crumpling up a piece of paper or trash and shoving into the door pocket or cup holder, or just tossing behind you into the back. This stops now (we’re joking, but also, really). A used grocery bag is the perfect trash bag for you vehicle. Find a nice spot to hang it in close reach to you, or to your kiddos in the back. Now the trash clean up you have to do before vacuuming is much, much easier.

Dry Wipe

What’s a dry wipe, you ask? It’s as simple as using a dry microfiber towel: not only is it safe, it’s one of the most effective methods for removing surface dust. It’s really that simple too: before you start your vacuuming, always dry wipe or dust off the dashboard and center console. Don’t forget to wipe the surface dust off the door panels as well. Cheap cleaning products cause future damage so stick to a dry towel.

Weekly Vac

Keep things simple. With the help of a brush to dislodge any stubborn dirt in the seams. Start your vacuuming on your seats (gently on leather), because if there is any dirt/filth falls onto the floor, it will get vacuumed  in the next step. After about three weeks of regular vacuuming, you’ll learn all your car’s trouble spots and it will cut down on the time spent cleaning.

Clean Glass

Fingerprints, pets, kids, coughs/sneezes — even nicotine from smoke — all contribute to dirty glass. You will need two low pile microfiber (no lint) towels: one is for cleaning and  the other is to remain dry to buff out any streaks. Now when it comes to glass cleaner, you want to use a ammonia-free solution, to avoid damaging any window film(tint) that is on your vehicle.

This isn’t a guide to a full, in-depth auto detail, but it highlights the main points you need to extend the life of your professional detail. We understand that not everyone can afford to have their car professionally detailed multiple times per year, which is why we take the time to provide you with the information you need to do on your own. Providing top value to our customer is our top priority and if that means teaching you to do on your own cleaning, we’re ok with that!

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