How to always have a clean car

How to always have a clean car

You know those people: they always have clean homes and clean cars, in spite of busy lives, fulfilling careers, and small children to chase after. How do they do it?

It’s all about developing systems and small, regular habits! Which is deceptively simple, we understand — especially when you’re using your vehicle to rush around from one place to another. But we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to help make it easy on you.

And when your car’s clean and feeling good, you feel good. Which makes every moment spent in it that much more pleasant. Plus, it extends the life of your car and helps keep up its resale value.

Whenever you leave your car, take trash with you

Trash piles up, especially when you have kids. We recommend keeping a small trash bin in your car so you can store it in one place, but that doesn’t do much good if it’s constantly full and overflowing. One secret of people with clean cars is that they take every opportunity to remove trash from their car.

One other hack: whenever you’re fueling up at the gas pump, make sure you’re completely emptying out your car’s trash bin. It’s why they have trash cans right next to the fuel pumps at the gas station.

Don’t get upset when the car does get messy

It’s going to happen! Life is messy. It may feel frustrating to clean one moment, and have a mess erupt the next, but that’s just going to keep happening so learn to expect it. Cleanliness is all about small, constant actions paired with regular deep cleanings. Once you accept that, it doesn’t seem so bad.

Empty out your car on Fridays

Or Sundays, but the lesson is, keep a weekly appointment to take 5 – 15 minutes clearing extra stuff out of your car and wiping it down. You never know what treasures you’ll find, or what hidden, stinky trash you’ll prevent from molding over.

Kind of like cleaning the bathroom, it gets gross if you don’t do it regularly, but if you do it regularly, it doesn’t take much time out of your day at all.

Doing this on the regular will help ensure you don’t ever store more than what’s necessary in your car too. Don’t get us wrong, it’s good to have things like blankets and extra napkins and wipes stashed. We recommend you keep a first aid kit in your car as well. But do you need full winter outfits for the whole family in the trunk? Enough snacks to last through a nuclear apocalypse? Probably not, and that stuff is taking up valuable space and making your car feel cluttered.

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