Have kids? It’s still important to detail and maintain your car

Have kids? It’s still important to detail and maintain your car

Don’t feel bad if your car’s seats are more Cheerio dust and juice crust than leather these days. Kids, love them as we do, are messy by nature — and it’s simply inevitable that they wreck our once-pristine cars.

And just like your home that gets dirty again 15 minutes after you clean it, it may seem like detailing your car’s interior is a battle not worth fighting. The truth is, though, your kids’ backseat mess makes it all the more worthwhile. Here’s why:

Retain the value of your investment

You’re probably planning on selling or trading in your car someday — or passing it down to your future 16 year-old. Taking care of your car’s interior, then, is just as important as maintaining its exterior when it comes to reaping the most return on your investment.

Stain removal and prevention

Every parent knows the thrill of blighting out a stubborn stain. Especially if you have kids, all the various materials in your car — from leather to fabric, vinyl and plastic — have likely been exposed to all types of stains. But detailing your car regularly will not only confront those stains, with the proper application of products, it can also help prevent them from happening.


Not only are kids stain-creating machines, they’re around a myriad of germs everywhere they go. So whether they’re carrying the chicken pox into your car on their way home from kindergarten or that turkey sandwich got forgotten about and now looks more like a science experiment, those germs are getting in your car. You’re not guilt-free either — from money to your own hands, you’re spreading germs around too. So having a professional detailing team disinfect all the surfaces inside your car — using the right cleaning products for each surface — is a good idea.

Ease Allergies

All that dust and dirt, mold, mildew, and maybe pet hair too, can aggravate you or your child’s allergies. Detailing your car gets into all the tiny forgotten areas and professional vacuuming clears as much dust, dirt, and hair as possible — so every passenger can breathe easy.

Odor Removal

Something somewhere is creating a bad smell and you can’t find it? Or maybe it’s even been so long that you’ve gone nose-blind to it — until you drive your boss in your car. Detailing with proper products will not only improves the surface cleanliness, but it will also help remove all the funky odors stinking up your car.

We know you’re busy, so we make your life easier by traveling to you — learn more about our detailing packages and call to set up an appointment today.


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