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Auto-detailing is the thorough and meticulous cleaning, restoration, and finishing of an automobile, both interior and exterior. Having your car professionally detailed on a regular maintenance schedule will maintain the most value for your investment, increasing your resale or trade-in value. Regular detailing of your vehicle’s interior will also reduce your exposure to any pollutants and contaminants that have accumulated over time and use.

A new vehicle is guaranteed to depreciate, so the best approach to care for your investment is to slow down the decrease in value by maintaining a showroom condition while you own it. Paint coatings help protect and preserve your car or truck’s brand new look for a far greater time than an unprotected car of the same year make and model.

There are a variety of different paint coatings, including waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. Waxes are the most common and the cheapest, but also the lowest durability, and so have to be applied far more often whereas sealants and synthetic waxes are the next up in the ladder of durability and longevity, with ceramic coatings taking the top spot for most durable.

All of these treatments add shine, water- and contaminate-protection.

Yes, auto-detailing makes a terrific gift. You may purchase a gift certificate for any amount; gift certificates are valid for up to one year after purchase date. Call or text us to purchase one.

Absolutely — having your new car, truck, or SUV detailed will help protect both the interior and exterior condition of your investment. New vehicles purchased from a lot don’t have any kind of exterior paint protection, so damage starts immediately, even from car washes.

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  • 1 = my car is near perfect, just needs a wipe down, 5 = the inside of my car is turning into a science experiment
  • 1 = my car is new or in perfect condition, 5 = my car has visible scratches and damage to the paint