How to ensure your car is ready for spring

How to ensure your car is ready for spring

Between the salt, sand and extreme temperatures, winter is harsh on our vehicles. On the horizon are the warmer, moisture laden days of spring. We have a few tips on how you can prepare your car for spring.

Replace windshield wipers

They’ve worked hard all winter to remove precipitation and debris from your windshield, but their job isn’t over yet. Spring is notorious for inclimate weather, and your windshield wipers are essential to a safe commute.

Refill windshield wiper fluid

To be fully spring-ready your car needs a refill of windshield wiper fluid. Be sure to use temperature sensitive fluid during this transition, as temps can still drop at night during early spring. Whatever you do, steer clear of using water as windshield wiper fluid — it can cause serious damage to your car.

Check tire pressure and tread

Every tire requires different pressure, and correct pressure is critical for optimum tire performance and life. This guide shows you exactly how to check your tire pressure and tread, regardless of what type of vehicle you own.

Wash away the salt

Give your car a high-pressure wash to remove any remaining road salt from winter. Whether you do this yourself, or visit a local car wash, you will want to splurge for the underbelly wash to ensure all salt is cleared from the nooks and crannies underneath your car.

Vacuum interior

Similar to the exterior of your car, the interior needs a good salt-removing as well. Vacuum all mats, seats, and small areas where tiny salt particles could be hiding.

Oil change

Schedule an oil change with your nearest auto shop. Be sure to inquire about the type of oil best for your engine: standard, partial, or full synthetic.

After completing each of these tasks your car will be primed and ready for another season change. You can commute with ease knowing that one of your biggest assets is well taken care of, and that you can rely on it to deliver you safely to your next destination.

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