7 Hacks for an Uber-Organized Car

7 Hacks for an Uber-Organized Car

It’s one thing to clean and care for your car, but is your vehicle doing everything it can for you? We spend a significant portion of our lives in our cars, especially here in Kansas City. With a few hacks, you can not only keep your care clean, but organized as well so that life is even easier.


Keep reusable grocery bags and collapsible bins in the trunk

If you’re constantly going to the grocery store and forgetting your bags at home, the solution is simple: store them in your car instead of inside your home. The trick here is to put them back in your car once you’re finished unloading your groceries.


Collapsible bins can help keep not only groceries and grocery bags organized, but also many other items – from kids’ sports gear to your car’s emergency kit. Bins are organizing magic, keeping items grouped together and orderly so that nothing feels overwhelming.

“Mary Poppins Emergency Kit”

So every car should have a real emergency kit, with bandages, antibacterial salve, blankets, flashlights, etc. but are you prepared for the everyday “emergencies?” A stain pen for moments when you have to eat lunch on the way to a meeting, extra bobby pins, spare needle and thread, baby wipes, and a spare microfiber towel, to clean up everything from dirty dog paws to tossed sippy cups.


To build your kit, think through the items you keep your house supplied with and of those, which would be clutch to keep in your car.

Trash bin

Let’s face it, trash happens, but you don’t want it piling up in your car. Keep a small trash bin handy in the front and rear seats, and make a point of emptying it once a week – or whenever you fill up gas, whichever comes first.

Repurpose an empty gum container to store loose change

While some cars have compartments for everything, most don’t. An empty gum container makes the perfect lo-fi solution for loose change, ensuring you’ll always have a quarter when you need it most.

Use carabiners for purse hangers

If you had a dollar for everytime your purse tipped over and jumbled the contents everywhere…you know the rest. This hack is kind of genius; one of the cardinal rules of organizing is to create a home for everything. Attach carabiners to your head rest to create a hanging organizer. It’s not only for purses either – this tip works for single grocery bags, gym bags, and even umbrellas.

Turn a toiletries organizer into a kids’ stuff organizer

Back seat a mess of crayons, juice boxes, stickers, books, and action figures? Hang a bathroom toiletries organizer over the back of the seat, in front of your kids’ seats, and start storing everything there instead of loose in your car. Easy breezy.

Corral cords and other small items

Cords are taking over our lives and we don’t know about you, but it’s a mission of ours to keep on top of them. This brilliant hack uses dollar bin Q-tip organizers to corral cords and the other small, random items to keep things neat and tidy. For bonus points, label everything.


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